About Trading Space

A team who create products and services, focusing on high development standards, implementing complex tasks, and applying industry best practices. Our team provides a positive environment for professional development, growth, and gaining new knowledge. Our projects have more than 2 million users. We provide ongoing support for our projects and are always eager to do something new!

Our team

Currently, our team consists of around 34 professionals with various coding skills and areas of expertise. Within our team, we aim to create a positive environment for professional development, growth, and gaining new knowledge. Each employee has access to various options for education, professional improvement, and support. We care about each member of the team, as we understand that achieving goals is only possible by growing and working together.

Development vector

Our main goal is to create reliable solutions that are easy to maintain and develop in the long-term perspective. We create products that can be accessed by many users simultaneously, focusing on security and integrating payment services and other functionality that is important for a particular project. Our developers pay attention to professional improvement and continuous learning, which allows them to integrate the best practices and stay on top of innovations and new trends in the market, offering our clients and partners exactly what they need today.

About us

As a team we have 7 years of experience in programming and website development. During that time, we gained a lot of experience in these areas, mastering various technologies, and providing the best solutions to our clients. Our partners include more than 150 companies and individuals, and since 2017, our projects have had over 2 million users.
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